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Lots and lots and lots of news

Wow it has been ages since I have last blogged on here! Have definitley missed writing my thoughts and things i have gotten up to. Blogging for me is one those times where you can just take yourself away and write about the good things. Anyways theres been a lot of things happen! Don't know if you all know but I have started my HNC childhood practice which is going brilliant although at times it can be stressful but during those times shows how much you can actually accomplish. Still doing my driving lessons and so close to being independent and getting my own car which i am so excited about. Just love the thought of going on a road trip and singing all the old tunes 😁. Still going to slimming world and absolutely love it! The support you get from them all is incredible and wouldn't miss it for the world, I am feeling really good in myself although I am going to try and lose another stone and a bit but that won't take me too long! So motivated to get back on track once an…

Time has flown by

Its been a while since I have posted anything on my blog. I have been so incredibly busy that I havent had the time to sit down and write. So time for a catch up! So a while back I was talking about how I couldnt find a job and was looking all over for one,anyhow my mums friend found me a job at a private fishing hotel near Ullapool. Its a fantastic hotel but is very demanding. As it is quite a distance from where I live and because I do morning and night shifts I have my own room at the hotel. I have been working there over two months ago, which has seemed to go so quickly. Such a lovely atmosphere at work there but it does have its challenges like many jobs I am sure have but you just keep doing your best everyday.
So as I have split shifts I find myself walking a lot and I found this gorgeous walk by the river behind the hotel and it leads to the falls.

I love spending these quiet times sitting on a rock looking over the water and enjoying the peace and quiet that surrounds me, apa…

Being content with any situation

At the moment I am learning a lot about how to be content in life, learning to take each day as it comes and accepting that your life could change any minute. Especially with the news at the moment it's brought home to me how precious your life is and if you don't take every opportunity that comes your way then your letting yourself down and loved ones that are around you as they want to see you strive and to be the best version of you.

I think learning to be content is hard, even if it's been content in yourself or content in Job situations, no matter what there is always going to be something that you are not happy with and you have the power to change that.

One of the big things for me that I am finding so hard to be content with is my weight, ok so I am only a size 12 but for me I am not comfortable in my body i have struggled with my weight since high school with situations going on around me felt like my life was turned upside down and eating was a comfort to me. But…

18 and responsibilities!

Oh dear! didn't think  my 18th was gonna come this fast and wasnt really prepared, but who ever is. I have had to make an action plan of what I am wanting to do after this year, don't get me wrong I am going to continue to study to be an early years practitioner but I also want to find a job. I have been emailing round everyone to see if they have any vacancies to do an apprenticeship and also finding jobs around the local area for the summer, it's difficult because you really cant be picky when it comes to job hunting, you just got to go with what's available. I am also finding ways and means to pay for my driving lessons and also trying to find away to fund a car and wondering how possible it is.
I feel like I have put together a jigsaw but can't find the last missing piece and without it I cant go forward a step but stay there until it's found. From being totally dependant on my parents for money to having to find a way to earn money for myself.


The Easter Holidays!

Happy Easter everyone! hope you all had wonderful holidays! I can certainly tell you that I had a brilliant holiday and more to come.
I turned 18 on the 9th of April. I only had close family and friends over to party with me. And my best friend was able to come down from Lewis to visit which was lovely.
I made my own birthday cake and little mini cupcakes to go around the cake.

The table was decorated with mats that had been covered in marvel paper and the cake was decorated with jelly bean 18 and chickens and rabbits. 
I would love to show you all the videos that where taken but not sure my friends would thank me for that so I will leave it. which where hilarious! 
here's some more pictures of the party 

it was a fantastic day, sad that it has ended! but next time will be crazier 😂
me and my friend decoupaged this chair for her craft stall! 
not sure that i will be rushing to do another but it was great fun! lots of laughs was put into this project! her blog is Highland Hearts w…

Finished product of my room!

So glad to get my room back to the way it was! And I think my parents are happy that they don't have to live with my things in the living room as it was taking so much space. 

Sorry about the makeshift curtains they aren't ideal but they will do for now until I find some new curtains. 
This sort of gives you a rough idea on how it looks so far, sorry for the rubbish picture will post a better picture in the near future  I love to have a few projects on the go, with my cushion which is a working progress and my room. I especially enjoy walking into my room and look and see that I did this. It's a really nice accomplishment to have.  This week coming is going to be busy, ah got my best friend coming over for my 18th which is really nice. But will have to tidy up around the house and help mum. baking and decorating a cake and much much more.  The thing that I am most anxious about is the interview for a job as either working in the kitchen or the gift shop which is on Wednesd…
I have been very conscious that I haven't posted anything up on my blog for awhile. I have been so busy this past few months from the start of February when I was over with a friend keeping her company and then visiting my best friend. But the most exciting part of this year was when dad took me to see the rugby in Edinburgh. It was Scotland v Wales and of course Scotland won! It was a lovely weekend and cant wait to go back next year if we get a chance.

I have also had a complete change of my bedroom, as I was getting very bored of the colour. Thanks to a friend of mine who came over and helped me paint my room, have know idea how I would of coped painting my room without him but it was a laugh. Unfortunately I picked the worst day to do it as the sun was shining and it's not often we get sun in March, So I missed out but glad I got my room done anyhow. I don't have a pic of the bedroom with everything where it should go but here is an idea of the colour it used to be and…

Spending time by yourself

I myself find that there are days were I need time to myself, to collect my thoughts and re-energise and in doing so I find myself feeling a lot happier in general and happier in myself as well and find that I accomplish a lot more. I love to spend time alone maybe catching up on a book that I haven't read in a while or going on a walk or even find crafting projects to do and there is nothing wrong with that. As well as it is equally important to catch up with friends its also important to ensure that you spend time with yourself.
 I find that on a weekly basis I spend a lot of time with people in college and in the nursery as you are continually interacting with parents, children and early years staff which don't get me wrong I love it but there can be weeks that you don't have any time to yourself and it can be a bit much.  I didn't have many friends in high school and the friends I did have had their own small group so I would sometimes find a quiet area either list…

Not a very productive day

Today hasn't been productive, I went to church in the morning which was a very lovely sermon and had fellowship toghether, I always enjoy spending time with church friends and having a good catch up. We had a soup and sandwich lunch which too was also lovely. I then went home and straight to bed, I haven't had any energy to do a lot expect binge watch on movies and tv shows.  My lovely mum and dad made a gorgeous dinner of omelette, chips and salad, although only managed the chips and salad which dad brought the chips in newspaper to my room, the way my grandad did for him, that cheered me up a lot so sweet of him!

Although I haven't been productive I brought myself a 2017 diary to be a bit more organised, so I wrote a to do list for this week although not sure it will get done this week, and wrote down things that are happening, it does feel nice to be more organised!  I have finnished semester 1 of college which is such a lovely feeling! So one more semstee to go until a…

Snow has finally arrived!

Hope everyone is managing to be safe on the roads! Where we live is very snowy and slippy, going and coming back from the hospital the snow was coming down quite a lot and thank you to God that we got there and back safe! you don't realise how lethal the snow is until you have to drive in it, got some lovely shots of the roads when we were coming home though.

I love the top picture it looks so magical and something from a fairy tale!

I had a lovely day out with Mum even though I had a check up at the hospital, we met a friend of ours in the cafe area and had a coffee with her, it was nice to meet up her as we haven't seen her in awhile, then we popped into see my Aunty and had lunch there which also was lovely to see her as well, then got to a shop where they grow local veg and has a restaurant which we sat and had a coffee and I was extremely naughty and had a chocolate crispy cake 🙈  I am hopefully going to redecorate my room this month or next as I am finding the colour is…

Happy New Year!!!

Cant believe how time has flown by! one minute I am here the next minute I am somewhere else. I haven't been on blogger for a while it has been crazy busy with visiting friends and having everyone over for Christmas which was really lovely catching up with everyone and just generally having a laugh! But it comes to a point where you just need to have you time and to re-energise from all the shin digs, I certainly get very tired after Christmas so what better way to chill than to watch Suicide squad in bed and crash!
SO SO excited as my parents got me a sewing machine for Christmas, so hopefully we can move a table into the living room upstairs for a crafts room as my room is full of all my crafting materials and boxes urgh! so then i will be able to start making things properly instead of having to do it on my bedroom floor but urm not entirely sure if that is the best place to it as it is a tip and I myself find it unbearable to live in, well will get it tidied eventually.
Had a …