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Busy day in the Kitchen

I rarely go in the kitchen unless its to get a drink or get a snack. You would never catch me red handed cooking or baking. But today I decided that it was time to put my apron on and get cooking.
I had promised Dad a chocolate cake the night before and totally forgot about it until he came in my room and asked me where the chocolate cake was, so not the type of person to break promises I headed down stairs to start baking. The recipe I used for the hazelnut chocolate cake was from Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstalls book River Cottage Everyday. I change some of the ingredients slightly, instead of using dark chocolate chunks, as I am not a fan and find it bitter in cakes, I used hot chocolate powder instead which actually tasted amazing if I say so myself, and feeling extra adventurous I added cinnamon for extra flavouring.
It doesn't take long to make I think roughly 35 to prepare as all of the whisking and I am generally slow and takes 20 mins to cook in the oven, I found that that am…

Visit from my best friend

So last week my best friend came over to stay for a week which was lovely because we live quite far from each other and don't get many holidays the same but we managed to find the time.

I did a surprise visit on the week of her birthday in July, trying to lie to your Bestie for the best part of 3 weeks was the most difficult thing ever, have you ever managed to keep a secret from your Bestie? I am telling you, every conversation you have there is this urge to tell them and its so hard. So she asked me if i was planning to come over, so i had to tell her i am so sorry but i am going away for a weekend and wont be able to make it, i made up this whole story up. When i arrived at the house, i was about to step up and open the door and she opened it ha ha it was so funny to see her reaction, i should of videoed it but didn't have time to. I thought she was gonna punch me but got a hug instead.
Anyway i had such a lovely time even though i wasn't feeling too good. We went to se…

A whole different world in the land of fiction

Reading is so therapeutic you open the book your reading and enter into a whole different world of fiction and read about peoples lives and wonder how different life would of been if you were living in that fiction book, there is so much imagination that's there and it takes you away from the real world the real struggles that goes on and sends you into this place where you can feel safe and where all those struggles you were struggling with was just mere imagination that they weren't really there in the first place, being drawn in and feeling like you are there watching it all happen right in front of you. Its fascinating how a writer can draw you into their books and make you feel part of it, i have always wondered, its probably part of being a good writer.

Its so nice to sit and read, you don't know how long you have spent reading until you look at the watch and be like o my i have read for hours and hours and haven't realised it, but it draws you in that you cant l…