Besties Birthday!!!

I am having the perfect 2 weeks with a good friend I have known for 12 years... It's amazing how long friendships can last. We have always been there for each other and if we haven't talked in awhile it's fine because we pick up where we left off.
I arrived in Aberdeen earlier than I intended this girl here decided to take a earlier train not realising I would get in a hour earlier lol. Won't make that mistake again. I am so happy to be able to be there to celebrate her 18th birthday. Yesterday we went to church then as requested went for a Maccy D's just for a mcflurry hehe. The grandparents came over as well to celebrate the main event.
Although today is party the whole family is coming cousins, aunties, uncles more grand parents and siblings. It will be lovely and to see everyone as well. But so much food has been prepared.... truffles, empire biscuits, cake, more cake, toppers, sandwiches, sausage rolls, lasagne, Lemon meringue pie and much much more. 
When I g…

My journey through faith

I am a Christian! And have been for  very long time. I became a Christian when I was sent into hospital at the age of 9. But that's for another story.

Anyway I have some exciting news. I am going to America for 3 months with a lovely Christian family who are from Texas. We all leave on the 13th of July and I don't get back until the 5th October. I feel as though this journey is God leading me on a different path. Hes been through difficult times in my life and will always be there. I feel as though I am going on a journey with him. It's a leap of faith and all I can do is to trust him. He said I am calling you deeper and higher into my faith. I am so excited to see where he is going to take me and what he has in store. I know that I will be back in three months but who knows I might be able to stay longer God willing. There's a few job opportunities over there.

It's definitely a big step as I have anxiety and get panic attacks. But I have learned to control them wh…

Wow it's been awhile!!

Wow ok I know it has been a long time since I last posted! I don't know if you remeber but my last post was about becoming invisible online? Well it's worked I am feeling so much happier and finding so much time to do things I enjoy, I will eventually come off but my life at the moment has been best it has ever been. I am finally doing things and accomplishing things that i never dreamed. I have nearly finished my HNC!! Only a week to go how exciting. Well I have a few ideas in mind but one big adventure of mine is hopefully going over to new Zealand and be an au pair. Nothing set in stone but once all the paper work and I have enough money then I can go. I was always told to take every opportunity given 😊 So now as I am fully qualified early years practitioner I am now applying for jobs round here and further a field but hoping to get a wee run around to get me to a and b. Things definitely feel that they are falling into place. And my last project I have started is going to…

Becoming invisible on social media

Yes I know shocking!!!! I am coming off every social media site I own for at least six months. I just want a rest from it all, all the drama that society brings. It doesn't do us any good at all!
Instead of picking up your phone to see who said what, spend time with the family, instead of looking at your phone read a book that is gripping. Use the time to do something new everyday, challenge yourself and achieve things you didn't think you could achieve. Dream big!! Look at the world with fresh eyes and not through the opinions of others. These are things that people told me. I never listened but now I do, now I want to make a world for myself, a world that is new, that only exists in the minds eye, a world that doesn't have drama written all over it! I don't want to be controlled by my phone, when I pick it up when I hear it go off every second, I want to control the way I live and not the way society has me live. I AM A CARE FREE GIRL  Don't let your phone s…

Update on what's been happening

Have missed posting here! Can't tell you how busy life has been lately. I have had so many essays to write and so many trips out with friends that I have had no time to sit down and even now I am sitting at lunch blogging. So anyways I hope I will get some time to myself. The HNC is very stressful and would never of thought that I would get this far but I have and I am so pleased. 
Life has certainly taken me on a roller coaster but in a way I am grateful for that as it's made me who I am today. I have bumped into a few obstacles but managed to get through to the other side. As a friend once said to me it's not what has happened that is important it's how you deal with the situation. I definitely agreed with what they said. It showed me that any situation you can get out of but only if your willing to move on and start a fresh.
Got a few things planned for my easter holidays. My best friend is coming up which will be so lovely to see her it's been awhile since we ha…

Whats ahead?

Life seems to have pulled the carpet from under me! But I have definitely found solid ground to stand on :0 There's always going to be ups and downs in our life's but what's important is how we go about dealing with them. For me I have had to learn that just giving up wont be the solution to the problem but carrying on and accepting what the trouble is and just finding a copying mechanism.

Which for me is writing things down 15 mins every night before I go to sleep so that when I go to sleep I wont be thinking over and over what happened about the day and that I can leave it behind on a piece of paper. There are so many copying mechanisms out there its just finding the right ones for you.  2017 has definitely taught me a lot. Especially as  people come and people go from your life, its a matter of fact really. Not everyone will always be there but the important ones always stay. I have found some new friends this year which has been a highlight to find people with the same…

Lots and lots and lots of news

Wow it has been ages since I have last blogged on here! Have definitley missed writing my thoughts and things i have gotten up to. Blogging for me is one those times where you can just take yourself away and write about the good things. Anyways theres been a lot of things happen! Don't know if you all know but I have started my HNC childhood practice which is going brilliant although at times it can be stressful but during those times shows how much you can actually accomplish. Still doing my driving lessons and so close to being independent and getting my own car which i am so excited about. Just love the thought of going on a road trip and singing all the old tunes 😁. Still going to slimming world and absolutely love it! The support you get from them all is incredible and wouldn't miss it for the world, I am feeling really good in myself although I am going to try and lose another stone and a bit but that won't take me too long! So motivated to get back on track once an…