Finished product of my room!

So glad to get my room back to the way it was! And I think my parents are happy that they don't have to live with my things in the living room as it was taking so much space. 

Sorry about the makeshift curtains they aren't ideal but they will do for now until I find some new curtains. 

This sort of gives you a rough idea on how it looks so far, sorry for the rubbish picture will post a better picture in the near future 
I love to have a few projects on the go, with my cushion which is a working progress and my room. I especially enjoy walking into my room and look and see that I did this. It's a really nice accomplishment to have. 
This week coming is going to be busy, ah got my best friend coming over for my 18th which is really nice. But will have to tidy up around the house and help mum. baking and decorating a cake and much much more. 
The thing that I am most anxious about is the interview for a job as either working in the kitchen or the gift shop which is on Wednesday, but before that I have a hospital appointment, so its going to be one hectic day. 
hope you all have a lovely week! 
Maybe I will get a rest but not sure when 😊 
Hannah xx


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