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Beautiful day out in the gorgeous sun

What gorgeous weather we have had all week! We are extremely lucky to have good weather like this!  It was a really nice day, I went over to a friends house to do a bible study and a time of prayer, a group of us go over and it was such a lovely time of worship and just spending time toghether!! I came home around about 1:45 pm had a quick drink of water and then me and my dad set off to the shops to put fuel in the car, have an ice cream and have a driving lesson, it was a good day for it and a great area to start driving which is so close to where I live!  Now I am sitting outside in this fabby weather reading my book which is called earthly joys by Phillipa Gregory and maybe do abit of crochet which i have just started to learn. I am a big fan of her writing! my friend lent it to me she too likes her writing, which is nice to share same interests! 
Well thats me saying goodbye and i hope you too are enjoying the sun as much as I am!! Love Hannah xxx