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I have been very conscious that I haven't posted anything up on my blog for awhile. I have been so busy this past few months from the start of February when I was over with a friend keeping her company and then visiting my best friend. But the most exciting part of this year was when dad took me to see the rugby in Edinburgh. It was Scotland v Wales and of course Scotland won! It was a lovely weekend and cant wait to go back next year if we get a chance.

I have also had a complete change of my bedroom, as I was getting very bored of the colour. Thanks to a friend of mine who came over and helped me paint my room, have know idea how I would of coped painting my room without him but it was a laugh. Unfortunately I picked the worst day to do it as the sun was shining and it's not often we get sun in March, So I missed out but glad I got my room done anyhow. I don't have a pic of the bedroom with everything where it should go but here is an idea of the colour it used to be and…