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Great day outdoors in the garden

It was such a sunny day today! I managed to get outside and make a frame for my sweat peas to climb up which didn't take long but dad taught me how to build one. I have sewed a few flower seeds, don't ask me to name them all!

I have recently been reading a book that a friend of mine gave me calmed earthly joys by Phillipa  Gregory which is about this gardener who works for his master the duke and I felt so inspired to go out into the garden and plant my own flowers.

My dad built me a tree house ages ago from when I was a child and I have redecorated, and painted the inside an outside. And have now moved all my craft boxes into it and have stolen a table from my dad tehe!

And now I think I am going to get into my superman onsie (yep that's right my name is Hannah and I am a marvel mad fan) and binge watch on the last 4 episodes of the orginals Xxxx