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A 17 year old Christian!!!!

I have always gone to church and was brought up to believe in Jesus and to trust him! People have turned to me and said your only a Christian because you were made to go to church, but it wasn't I was so glad that even though my Dad doesn't believe, he was always accepting that I went to church and brought up with the word of God. I could of left but I chose not too, and that was my choice not my Mums. He has given me a purpose in life! why would we be hear if not? whats the point if there was no creator on this earth? how could we be created out of nothing? Its like baking a cake, you need a creator to make the cake or there wouldn't be anything, so you see it is impossible for something so amazing and complex like this earth for something to come out of nothing, there has to be a creator out there ( well that's what I believe).
I was bullied at the start of high school for my faith and it was difficult because I looked like I was strange, but since I have gotten olde…