The Easter Holidays!

Happy Easter everyone! hope you all had wonderful holidays! I can certainly tell you that I had a brilliant holiday and more to come.
I turned 18 on the 9th of April. I only had close family and friends over to party with me. And my best friend was able to come down from Lewis to visit which was lovely.
I made my own birthday cake and little mini cupcakes to go around the cake.

The table was decorated with mats that had been covered in marvel paper and the cake was decorated with jelly bean 18 and chickens and rabbits. 

I would love to show you all the videos that where taken but not sure my friends would thank me for that so I will leave it. which where hilarious! 

here's some more pictures of the party 

it was a fantastic day, sad that it has ended! but next time will be crazier 😂

me and my friend decoupaged this chair for her craft stall! 

not sure that i will be rushing to do another but it was great fun! lots of laughs was put into this project! her blog is Highland Hearts would love if you went to check it out!  cant wait to see what other projects we may do in the future. 

well ta ta for now, sorry its a quick post but will be leaving to glasgow in a few hours xx


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