Not a very productive day

Today hasn't been productive, I went to church in the morning which was a very lovely sermon and had fellowship toghether, I always enjoy spending time with church friends and having a good catch up. We had a soup and sandwich lunch which too was also lovely. I then went home and straight to bed, I haven't had any energy to do a lot expect binge watch on movies and tv shows. 
My lovely mum and dad made a gorgeous dinner of omelette, chips and salad, although only managed the chips and salad which dad brought the chips in newspaper to my room, the way my grandad did for him, that cheered me up a lot so sweet of him!

Although I haven't been productive I brought myself a 2017 diary to be a bit more organised, so I wrote a to do list for this week although not sure it will get done this week, and wrote down things that are happening, it does feel nice to be more organised! 
I have finnished semester 1 of college which is such a lovely feeling! So one more semstee to go until a very long summer holiday. Hope you all had a lovely day; well that's me gonna go and continue watching the big bang theory! Bye for now xx


  1. Love the idea of the diary Hannah. Your Dad is very good to you xx

    1. Thankyou! Just want to be more organised. I know it cheered me up xx


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