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Drive to college

The journey to college a few days ago was amazing! I hardly had any sleep from this annoying cold that is going around and I wouldn't think anything that day would make me happy I just wanted to be in bed, but as we were driving we came over a hill and straight ahead of us was this beautiful sunset the colours were amazing. It was most precious view I had ever seen.  Not the best pic but I don't think you can really capture something so stunning on a camera or a phone. I hope I can see another view like the one I saw. I am so lucky to live were I am just now, I sometimes don't take notice of the beauty and take advantage of the place, but then I look closer and I am so grateful  to live in such a place. Remember next time you are out and about either in the countryside or the city look closely and you may find the beauty that lies within xxx

An eventful weekend!

This weekend has been a very eventful weekend, more than any other weekend I have had. I went for a walk with dad and two of our friends round the Migdale woods. The weather was decent but a bit cold there was no rain or wind though which was good. The views were something to die for, they were like something from a fairytale. Not the best pictures because I was silly enough to forget my camera so I had to resort to my phone but here is what the views looked like.

It's nice to get some fresh air after being stuck in doors studying. I also did my workout which was tiring but worth doing.  Today I went to church, it was such a lovely service and to top that off we had a soup and sandwich lunch which was gorgeous but absolutely stuffed can hardly move tehe. The weather wasn't to cold today so I decide to walk the two miles back to my place afterwards. Now I am writing up my blog and then heading off to do my hour dance workout.  I have to say nature is the best medicine! xx

Fitness Resolution 2016

lets take a breather has anyone started or even thought about a new years resolution. or have you all given up? STOP, THINK,READ and TAKE NOTE.
Resolutions don't have to be huge they can be simple like this year for example could be saving up or beginning to cook really healthily, it doesn't need to be I am going to get a beach bod or a six pack for summer. Doing things that are manageable and easy to accomplish. I  have made a new years resolution and have not managed to succeed because it was just to big a challenge. something easy could be I am only going to have a square of chocolate a day or a bar of chocolate once a week and this may stop your crave for sweet things all the time.
I have always said to myself that every day I would do a workout and that was going to be my new years resolution last year which happen for about a few days and I kinda got a bit bored. I also felt sick after the workouts which never happened when I was in high school. well any way this year I…

Back to College

well the Christmas festivities have ended and reality has kicked in!
Tomorrow's my first day back to college and I am set to go. I have got all my folders in my bag my planner ready and I am set to wake up at 6:30 (I am not really).
I find that impacting the week with exciting things to do or go helps that 6:30 wake up or even that dread to go to work feel:
so here is a few things to help with the week ahead:

First of all and the most important thing you should do the night before you go back to work college or school is going to bed early (I know you already know,not the done thing to do but helps) you find it easier to wake in the morning and generally you feel refreshed. you do find that a good night sleep always helps you during the day, you concentrate more and you might not be as grumpy as you where that night when you didn't go to bed until like two in the morning.

Secondly always have a good meal at breakfast time whether cereal, toast, porridge or even a piece of f…

A lovely walk round Ravens Rock

A few days ago a few friends of my parents came over for a few nights to celebrate the new year with us. We went for a lovely walk through the woods. Ravens Rock had been closed since the horrible weather we had last year which left it in a devastating ruin. It had just been re-opened with only a walk up to the bear and back which wasn't long, but feeling adventurous we decided to see how far we could go. we managed to get round part of the walk but some of it was dangerous. the view points where the only part of the walk that had not been affected.
The Bear in ravens rock (found image on google) Here is a couple of pics that shows the damage  This was a family walk, we used to pick blaeberry's (wild blueberry's)  to make jam and ice cream which happened every year in April and was the most exciting time of year. I get excited about the littlest things. I do love simple things. looking forward to the new buds and blooms this year  xx  

Happy New Year!!!!

I cant believe that the end of 2015 has come to an end and a new chapter in our lives has arrived as we step foot into 2016!

2015 has been a strange year it started of as a positive part of my life where I started to enjoy high school and realised that learning was important and if I wanted to get on in life I should work harder  (unbelievable right). well in any case that did not last long at all and as soon as possible I began to drag my way through the term as my friends and family well know. I stayed off a lot . I skived most of it there was times when I was ill  and I am not proud of it I mean I only just managed to get a National 4.
It soon came to the end of S4 and I was going up to college once a week on a Friday studying early education and childcare. It was the last day and at the end of the lesson I asked my lecturer do you think its possible if I could leave with only 6 N4's and surprisingly she said yes, I was given a booklet with different courses and an applicatio…