Snow has finally arrived!

Hope everyone is managing to be safe on the roads! Where we live is very snowy and slippy, going and coming back from the hospital the snow was coming down quite a lot and thank you to God that we got there and back safe! you don't realise how lethal the snow is until you have to drive in it, got some lovely shots of the roads when we were coming home though.

I love the top picture it looks so magical and something from a fairy tale!

I had a lovely day out with Mum even though I had a check up at the hospital, we met a friend of ours in the cafe area and had a coffee with her, it was nice to meet up her as we haven't seen her in awhile, then we popped into see my Aunty and had lunch there which also was lovely to see her as well, then got to a shop where they grow local veg and has a restaurant which we sat and had a coffee and I was extremely naughty and had a chocolate crispy cake 🙈 
I am hopefully going to redecorate my room this month or next as I am finding the colour is overstimulating and getting a bit bored of it as well, don't get me wrong it is such a lovely colour but sometimes you just need a change. So I am going to go a dark purple grey on my big huge wall beside my bed and the rest of the walls are gonna go a vintage white! so I am really excited to start this project at some point. So once its done and my room is a bit more tidier than it is now I will do a before and after picture!
Well that's me wrapped up warm in my duvet and going to end up in Sweden with the book the girl with the dragon tattoo and imagine myself with them (as you do). I do love a good novel xx


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