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Not a very productive day

Today hasn't been productive, I went to church in the morning which was a very lovely sermon and had fellowship toghether, I always enjoy spending time with church friends and having a good catch up. We had a soup and sandwich lunch which too was also lovely. I then went home and straight to bed, I haven't had any energy to do a lot expect binge watch on movies and tv shows.  My lovely mum and dad made a gorgeous dinner of omelette, chips and salad, although only managed the chips and salad which dad brought the chips in newspaper to my room, the way my grandad did for him, that cheered me up a lot so sweet of him!

Although I haven't been productive I brought myself a 2017 diary to be a bit more organised, so I wrote a to do list for this week although not sure it will get done this week, and wrote down things that are happening, it does feel nice to be more organised!  I have finnished semester 1 of college which is such a lovely feeling! So one more semstee to go until a…

Snow has finally arrived!

Hope everyone is managing to be safe on the roads! Where we live is very snowy and slippy, going and coming back from the hospital the snow was coming down quite a lot and thank you to God that we got there and back safe! you don't realise how lethal the snow is until you have to drive in it, got some lovely shots of the roads when we were coming home though.

I love the top picture it looks so magical and something from a fairy tale!

I had a lovely day out with Mum even though I had a check up at the hospital, we met a friend of ours in the cafe area and had a coffee with her, it was nice to meet up her as we haven't seen her in awhile, then we popped into see my Aunty and had lunch there which also was lovely to see her as well, then got to a shop where they grow local veg and has a restaurant which we sat and had a coffee and I was extremely naughty and had a chocolate crispy cake 🙈  I am hopefully going to redecorate my room this month or next as I am finding the colour is…

Happy New Year!!!

Cant believe how time has flown by! one minute I am here the next minute I am somewhere else. I haven't been on blogger for a while it has been crazy busy with visiting friends and having everyone over for Christmas which was really lovely catching up with everyone and just generally having a laugh! But it comes to a point where you just need to have you time and to re-energise from all the shin digs, I certainly get very tired after Christmas so what better way to chill than to watch Suicide squad in bed and crash!
SO SO excited as my parents got me a sewing machine for Christmas, so hopefully we can move a table into the living room upstairs for a crafts room as my room is full of all my crafting materials and boxes urgh! so then i will be able to start making things properly instead of having to do it on my bedroom floor but urm not entirely sure if that is the best place to it as it is a tip and I myself find it unbearable to live in, well will get it tidied eventually.
Had a …