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Being content with any situation

At the moment I am learning a lot about how to be content in life, learning to take each day as it comes and accepting that your life could change any minute. Especially with the news at the moment it's brought home to me how precious your life is and if you don't take every opportunity that comes your way then your letting yourself down and loved ones that are around you as they want to see you strive and to be the best version of you.

I think learning to be content is hard, even if it's been content in yourself or content in Job situations, no matter what there is always going to be something that you are not happy with and you have the power to change that.

One of the big things for me that I am finding so hard to be content with is my weight, ok so I am only a size 12 but for me I am not comfortable in my body i have struggled with my weight since high school with situations going on around me felt like my life was turned upside down and eating was a comfort to me. But…