Fitness Resolution 2016

lets take a breather has anyone started or even thought about a new years resolution. or have you all given up? STOP, THINK,READ and TAKE NOTE.
Resolutions don't have to be huge they can be simple like this year for example could be saving up or beginning to cook really healthily, it doesn't need to be I am going to get a beach bod or a six pack for summer. Doing things that are manageable and easy to accomplish. I  have made a new years resolution and have not managed to succeed because it was just to big a challenge. something easy could be I am only going to have a square of chocolate a day or a bar of chocolate once a week and this may stop your crave for sweet things all the time.
I have always said to myself that every day I would do a workout and that was going to be my new years resolution last year which happen for about a few days and I kinda got a bit bored. I also felt sick after the workouts which never happened when I was in high school. well any way this year I decided to get myself up and running and invested in two dance workout DVDS,
Urban Workout (2005)
Pump it Up (2009)
 which was worth it, I have tried them and at the end of the workouts I feel absolutely shattered but I have so much energy and feel like walking up a mountain (not joking). These DVDS both have a warm up and a cool down session so you don't have to make your own.
I feel really motivated to get of my laptop and have begun a "just do it" attitude!
I really recommend these two workouts for anyone who was like me and couldn't get going or who wanted to do something fun. The music is great and they will get you off your feet.
Good luck! xx


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    1. thank you! will hopefully last longer well try to anyway! they are great so glad I brought them xx

  2. Just found your blog. Hope you do well at college and with your workout routine!


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