Happy New Year!!!!

I cant believe that the end of 2015 has come to an end and a new chapter in our lives has arrived as we step foot into 2016!

2015 has been a strange year it started of as a positive part of my life where I started to enjoy high school and realised that learning was important and if I wanted to get on in life I should work harder  (unbelievable right). well in any case that did not last long at all and as soon as possible I began to drag my way through the term as my friends and family well know. I stayed off a lot . I skived most of it there was times when I was ill  and I am not proud of it I mean I only just managed to get a National 4.
It soon came to the end of S4 and I was going up to college once a week on a Friday studying early education and childcare. It was the last day and at the end of the lesson I asked my lecturer do you think its possible if I could leave with only 6 N4's and surprisingly she said yes, I was given a booklet with different courses and an application form. Before you knew it I had applied for NC child health and social care course, which I am studying just now.
A few weeks had passed I went to school during that time but didn't do much, I got an email from the college saying that next week I am due to have an interview. the happiest day of my life it was I couldn't tell you how excited I was but you can ask my friends and family I must of drove them up the wall. to cut a long story short as you well know I was accepted into the college and have become a new person, I am so eager to learn knew things and I am so happy it has been the best decision leaving school.
During the time between leaving high school and beginning college I have had so much adventure, went to camp for a week and met amazing new friends, I had gone on a canoeing trip and went up a few mountains.
I have made some really good friends along the way and hope to meet some more.
well I must say that 2016 will definitely be better without a doubt and hopefully more opportunities will arrive!


  1. Happy New Year and I'm sure 2016 will be full of good opportunities for you x

  2. Happy New Year and I'm sure 2016 will be full of good opportunities for you x

  3. Well Hannah what an interesting year you had. May 2016 be all and more that you could hope for xx

  4. It has been! Thankyou and you too!xxx


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