An eventful weekend!

This weekend has been a very eventful weekend, more than any other weekend I have had. I went for a walk with dad and two of our friends round the Migdale woods. The weather was decent but a bit cold there was no rain or wind though which was good. The views were something to die for, they were like something from a fairytale. Not the best pictures because I was silly enough to forget my camera so I had to resort to my phone but here is what the views looked like.

It's nice to get some fresh air after being stuck in doors studying. I also did my workout which was tiring but worth doing. 
Today I went to church, it was such a lovely service and to top that off we had a soup and sandwich lunch which was gorgeous but absolutely stuffed can hardly move tehe. The weather wasn't to cold today so I decide to walk the two miles back to my place afterwards. Now I am writing up my blog and then heading off to do my hour dance workout. 
I have to say nature is the best medicine! xx


  1. Hi Hannah, great blog....I agree, nature is definately the best medicine xx

    1. Thankyou! Yeah certainly done me the world of good xxx


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