A lovely walk round Ravens Rock

A few days ago a few friends of my parents came over for a few nights to celebrate the new year with us. We went for a lovely walk through the woods. Ravens Rock had been closed since the horrible weather we had last year which left it in a devastating ruin. It had just been re-opened with only a walk up to the bear and back which wasn't long, but feeling adventurous we decided to see how far we could go. we managed to get round part of the walk but some of it was dangerous. the view points where the only part of the walk that had not been affected.
The Bear in ravens rock (found image on google)
Here is a couple of pics that shows the damage 
This was a family walk, we used to pick blaeberry's (wild blueberry's)  to make jam and ice cream which happened every year in April and was the most exciting time of year. I get excited about the littlest things. I do love simple things.
looking forward to the new buds and blooms this year  xx


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