Back to College

well the Christmas festivities have ended and reality has kicked in!
Tomorrow's my first day back to college and I am set to go. I have got all my folders in my bag my planner ready and I am set to wake up at 6:30 (I am not really).
I find that impacting the week with exciting things to do or go helps that 6:30 wake up or even that dread to go to work feel:
so here is a few things to help with the week ahead:

First of all and the most important thing you should do the night before you go back to work college or school is going to bed early (I know you already know,not the done thing to do but helps) you find it easier to wake in the morning and generally you feel refreshed. you do find that a good night sleep always helps you during the day, you concentrate more and you might not be as grumpy as you where that night when you didn't go to bed until like two in the morning.

Secondly always have a good meal at breakfast time whether cereal, toast, porridge or even a piece of fruit its always good to start the day with something to eat, so you have energy until lunch time, I am really bad about not eating breakfast I sometimes and often go to college without breakfast and regretting it later (well a new year, new me)
Thirdly plan for the week so maybe days where you are going to study or have a rest day  or even the simplest of things like the cooking what's going to be on the menu this week or plan to bake. I must admit I do find it a whole lot easier if I have planned, I seem to do more. I also find it enjoyable with the back to college feeling when there's something happening during the week.
Last but not least always have a positive mind, it doesn't help when you think oh no its Monday. I find it doesn't help matters when you have the Monday blues, I seem to not enjoy the rest of the week if I don't have a positive mind (I know its difficult but trust me if you can be in that mindset you may find it changes your week a lot). I also suggest when you are really busy and you haven't had anytime to yourself at the end of a long day is to sit down for as little or as long as you want and recollect your thoughts whatever they may be, even reading your favourite novel or that episode that you haven't watched on your fav tv series, helps to stay in the right track, running around being busy isn't good for you, you need that me time it keeps you sane!
 I hope these few tips help with the week and remember that positive attitude xx


  1. Some very good tips there Hannah, keep up the good work! X

  2. Some very good tips there Hannah, keep up the good work! X


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