Busy day in the Kitchen

I rarely go in the kitchen unless its to get a drink or get a snack. You would never catch me red handed cooking or baking. But today I decided that it was time to put my apron on and get cooking.
I had promised Dad a chocolate cake the night before and totally forgot about it until he came in my room and asked me where the chocolate cake was, so not the type of person to break promises I headed down stairs to start baking. The recipe I used for the hazelnut chocolate cake was from Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstalls book River Cottage Everyday. I change some of the ingredients slightly, instead of using dark chocolate chunks, as I am not a fan and find it bitter in cakes, I used hot chocolate powder instead which actually tasted amazing if I say so myself, and feeling extra adventurous I added cinnamon for extra flavouring.
It doesn't take long to make I think roughly 35 to prepare as all of the whisking and I am generally slow and takes 20 mins to cook in the oven, I found that that amount of time was perfect didn't need it in any longer. Not really the best pictures, the lighting was rubbish but here we go!

I also made sweetcorn frittas which didn't taste too bad but forgot to put the salt and pepper in them but did put chilli flakes, which was to go with my fish cakes and also made a really easy tomato salad with basil, salt and pepper ( remembered this time) and olives.

Again not really in the best light and ate most of the tomato salad as well before remembering to take a photo.

I really enjoy cooking and baking there is something so creative about it, adding new flavours and experimenting. Hope I will continue cooking in the future.

well I am going to leave you all and sit down and maybe find a film to watch.
Love Hannah xx
P.s Definitely recommend trying the hazelnut and chocolate cake if you ever get a chance, its gorgeous!


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