lovely Day

Today I felt very relaxed, it has been one of those days where it has been slow moving! I tidied my room for friends coming over to stay because it's the February break (lucky them). That took me a few hours at least but mind looking at boxes worth of stuff that I haven't seen in awhile can take pretty much most of your time.

I love my room! and my heels that you can see in the corner of the room on the shelf, that may be my obsession at the moment lol! my friends think I am mad (I don't blame them). Our friend made the wardrobe and a table with shelf's on top beautifully done. 

After tidying my room I watched a few episodes of vampire diaries totally in love with it right now but on the last episode of season 6 (gutted). So next on my list will be the originals, I do love romance always loved it tehe!! 
And for the rest of the afternoon I had a lovely time  over at T's crafting flowers from old books which look really sweet and will have to craft some more of those. 

I think they are very effective using old books to make flowers, I think next time we try using magazines and see if they will work the same.
Happy crafting everyone xxx


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