Christmas has finally arrived

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This is my favourite time of the year! where the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree are up, the Christmas pudding is cooked and ready to eat yum!! I enjoy the time I spend with the family getting ready, its such a laugh and an enjoyable memorable time. The run up to Christmas is usually very chaotic trying to write all the Christmas cards and sending them and the prezzies off straight away, making mince pies and mums sausage rolls (they are amazing), decorating the table nicely and getting the house all tidy before Christmas day. We tend to get everything finished on Christmas eve around about midnight.
To me Christmas is very important, its the time where you can relax and have a great laugh with the people who are important to you and just have a great time. I like how traditions still stay the same like listening to probably the same Christmas songs over and over again and getting sick of hearing it and that one Christmas movie you seem to watch every Christmas (mine is its a wonderful life).
I love the short days when you come home from college and the Christmas lights are up and the stove is on and the house is lovely and warm, and getting straight into your PJ's  and watch loads of cheesy films.
well all I can say is I wish it could be Christmas everyday!


  1. A lovely post Hannah, it sounds like you will have a magical Christmas x

    1. Thanks Tel yeah really looking forward to it! hope you guys have a great Christmas X

  2. Wonderful post Hannah, enjoy blogging xx


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